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Cut the power to Gaza?

As we all know Israel is supplying water and electricity to the Gaza strip, allthough the continuous rocket fire in to populated areas in Israel. Do you know any other self-respecting country that supplys their enemy with means so that they can be able to build weapons to be used against your own civilians? 
The very same electricity that Israel supplys to the Gaza strip is beeing used to create rockets!!



Operation protective edge

First of all I would like to say that I am sorry for the long break, and I will try give som more updates about what’s going on in Israel.

As we all know Israel have started a military action against the terrorists in Gaza, Hamas. I am so tired of western media portraiting Israel as the big bad wolf.
It is very important that people understand that the sole responsibility of any casualty on either side of the fence lays in the hands of Hamas.

The home made bombs that Hamas create are aimed at civilian areas and they don’t take into consideration that they are targeting innocent people.
On the other side we have the Israeli defence force that is doing their outmost not to hurt civilians and innocent people.

During the last week there has been a cease fire twice, and both times Hamas has not held their fire. It only shows how much they don’t want peace!!!

The true face of Hamas

Four years have gone since the Israeli teenager Gilad Shalit was abducted by the terrorist group known as Hamas. He has been kept in captivity without any visitation rights, without any medical examination not even the Red cross has been allowed in by the terrorists to check on is physical or mental state. Which of course is in contradiction with international law as well as the Geneva convention.


Hamas has had every opportunity to agree to a deal with the Israeli government about a prisoner exchange, but of course, what a surprise, they have refused.

G-8: “Gaza situation not sustainable”

After their meeting this weekend they repeat their statement from last year: “G-8 demands the immediate release of the abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit”.

A Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha reports: “We can’t allow the Red Cross to visit Shalit because he is not in a prison. Therefore, revealing his location would be very dangerous,”

Now first of all if Gilad is not in a prison in what rat hole have they put him in? I’m damn sure it’s not the four seasons!!!

Second, as I said before by not letting the red cross in they are violating serious and basic human rights. But as we all know Hamas are not known for their kindness and friendliness of human rights, women rights or even rights of their own people. Not to mention that they are breaking international law.

I would like to end this post with, Please people, wake up the world needs to know the truth about the people in charge of the Gaza strip, Hamas, you need to know that ever since Hamas took over the strip in a bloody struggle 2007 the people of Gaza are suffering even more.

I am urging all you people who read this to open your mouths, spread the word, Gaza needs to be freed of Hamas.


Was this so-called humanitarian aid needed?

Today I would like to talk a little bit about the conditions in Gaza, people are reporting that there is not enough food, that Israel bears solely all the responsibility for there not being enough food.

I am here to tell you that it’s a lie!

Swedish reporter Anna Uddén, reports directly from Gaza that there is no humanitarian crisis, she says that there are full of items in the grocery store, and that the markets are full of food. So why do we still hear that people are going around hungry? Why isn’t the billion dollars in fundings helping the Palestinian people? Why are people still living in poverty? Where does all the money go to?

Apparently not to the people!

For years money has been pouring in from the UN and other contributors, So why can’t the people in Gaza build up a new life for themselves.
I would say the main reason is the leaders of the Palestinian people, AKA HAMAS.
If Hamas would stop their war against Israel and the Jewish people and stop buying illegal weapons there would be money for them to start a new life for all of the citizens of Gaza.

Since June of 2007 over 5 billion dollars has been transferred into Gaza.
Imagine that, imagine what can be done, but NO the Hamas regime wants to use the money to buy weapons and rockets and to use it against civilians.
The flotilla that was sent to Gaza was just another stunt to provoke the state of Israel in to behaving badly. But as I have said before, Our soldiers behaved without doubt in the right way.
To conclude I have to say Kol ha kavod le tzahal. Well done to the IDF.
And foreign media stop telling those crazy lies!!!

Sources: click on the link to get entire report about the humanitarian situation in Gaza
The Myth of the Siege of Gaza

Instead of writing – small clips that show how crazy the world have become

This time I won’t use as much words as in previous posts, it’s like the saying, a picture says more than a thousand words – but in this case video clips.

Here is a short clip that summons everything up, well not everything but quite a bit at least. Like Hamas using international media to gain sympathy in the world, “peace activists” saying they are willing to die and see it as a good thing.

And then we have the craziest statement I have ever heard.
A female lawyer that wants Muslim men to rape Jewish and Israeli girls!!!
I mean what has the world come to when a person, especially female one, goes on television and urges men to rape women as part of a political fight?
Freaking NUTS!!!

Sources: Ilya Meyer 

Who is actually behind the flotilla?

In mainstream media all over the world people are trying to point finger at Israel.
* Israel are murderers
* Israel doesn’t follow international law
* Israel has an illegal blockade of the Gaza strip

But when is it time for the world to acknowledge that Israel played by the book?
They Made all the right moves, if this would have been a game of chess, it would have been check mate a long time ago. In times like this ALL Israelis can feel pride in their state, they can walk with their heads up high without thinking about anything else besides that their army and state acted in a way I am not sure another country in the world could have – perfectly and without any doubts of not playing by the book.

In earlier posts I have explained that Israels blockade is legal, I have also shown you proof that Israel acted in accordance to international maritime law, which gives Israel the right to forcefully take over a vessel, which its intent is to break the naval blockade.

But now I think it’s time to pass the ball to someone else and put them in the spotlight.
I’m talking about Turkey, The Turkish regime planned, organised and financed international aggression against UN member state Israel.
Why didn’t they listen to Israel when they asked them to route the ships to the port of Ashdod? Even Egypt said they would have no problem in taking the aid in by their land crossings. Now why did Turkey refuse that offer.  I’m only speculating, but could it be that they paid the so-called “peace activists” to play a role as martyrs?
Evidence show that the people who were killed had terrorist connections, a few of the people who died even made “video wills” as is customary to do in global jihad.
Think about this question:  What kind of peace activist goes and makes a will when embarking on a humanitarian aid mission? 
Here is the answer: THE TERRORIST KIND

Sources: Ilya Meyer 

It took 5 days for the truth to come out!!!

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, maybe I should cry tears of joy?
Finally the world is about to hear about the real truth that went on, on the Turkish vessel, Mavi Marmara. People like Henning Mankell (A Swedish person who was on the flotilla) that keep saying that there were definitely no weapons aboard those ships has just been proven wrong.
I just love it when the truth comes out it is such a great feeling, don’t you think?
According to reliable sources (the captain of the Turkish vessel, Mavi Marmara) the so-called peace, activists threw their weapons overboard when the Israeli commandos took over the vessel also
Israeli forensic experts who examined the ship found casings belonging to a weapon that was not used by the commandos. 
Hmm I wonder if those casings just came down from the sky above?

An interesting thing that just came in my possession is a video that shows or at least you hear that the activists are firing at the soldiers.

Sources: http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=177445